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La Palice Truths

By Joaquim Neto Filipe, CEO Projecto.Detalhe

Técnico, ISEL, Nova and Nautica: the Mechanical Engineers who have reinforced Projecto.Detalhe team come from those Portuguese universities.

Some were hired as trainees, some by their recognized competence and experiecnceabroad, and others because they simply have the right profile and capacity – they just needed to be given a chance.

It is the combination of experience, resilience and willingness to achieve that makes competitive and balanced work teams, ensuring quality to customers.

However, despite the State support, this effort to recruit young engineers, hits the barrier of the large Portuguese companies’ strategy, which unlike their European or even global counterparts, do not protecteither their suppliers or their (best) practices in order to integrate into the labour market the basic needof our industry and our country – knowledge.


When our greatest generation migratesas an alternative to unemployment, the integration ofyoung graduatesin our market/industry becomes a crucial issue. And this is not the reaction of a father of two daughters currently attending university. This is the reaction of a Portuguese manager who faces emigration en masse of young graduates. This young Portuguese adults do not go abroad to obtain experience and come back richer to contribute to the growth of country. They are not considering returning home…

To stop this phenomenon, the companies, large and small, must integrate young people.

The truth is: if the large companies prefer to work with foreign companies as opposed to the Portuguese ones, there will be no work less for small businesses. (It should be noted that over 95% of Portuguese companies are small and medium enterprises).
The truth is: no company hires new talent without being able to provide work.

It is a typical case of La Palice truth. And it shouldn’t be necessary to be reminded of it.