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Message of the CEO Joaquim Neto Filipe

The main objective of Projecto.Detalhe is to create value. Value for customers. Value for employees.Value for partners. Value for shareholders. To multiply value in a sustainable way is the plan that has guided the strategies of the company from the very beginning.

Projecto.Detalhe creates value through the production of multidisciplinary engineering, instilling in its production process, creativity, know-how, the ability to innovate in theory and implement in practice.

We believe that this is one of the ways of the geographic growth and profitability.
We have the ambition to grow. The ambition, which led us to leave Portugal five years after foundation, is the same that now placesus in four different continents.

It was not easy to get here. It will not be easy to get where we want to be. But the determination will make us adjust the sails every time the wind changes direction or speed. We have a competent crew. So we are going to keep on sailing.

About Us


Projecto.Detalhe was founded in 2000 and specializes in engineering and project management. Projecto.Detalhe is based the in Quinta da Beloura (Sintra), which is near Lisbon in Portugal.

After consolidation in the national market, Projecto.Detalhe focused on growth in new markets.

Currently, under the strategy of internationalization, Projecto.Detalhe has associate companies in

  • Luanda – Projecto.Detalhe Angola
  • Maputo – Projecto.Detalhe Moçambique
  • Rio de Janeiro – Projecto.Detalhe Brazil
  • Cidade da Praia -Projecto.Detalhe Cabo Verde.
  • Macau – Projecto.Detalhe Macau

Projecto.Detalhe is also involved in Guinea, Swaziland, Cameroon, Ivory Coast, South Africa, Saudi Arabia, Qatar.

SME Leader

The company is considered a SME leader, a title that has been renewed in 2012. This title distinguishes companies by their qualities of performance and for acting as triggers of the national economy by pursuing growth strategies and competitive leadership.


Projects EPC (Engineering, Procurement and Construction); turn-key projects. Projecto.Detalhe offers strong qualificationin the conception, design, production, integration and management, and maintenance. To achieve this Projecto.Detalhe promotes innovation, use of state-of-the-art tools and commitment to continuous training of a team of professionals, including architects, engineers and managers, ensuring a level of excellence in the quality of projects.
The environment, health and safety and regular activities of social responsibility are part of the sustainable development of Projecto.Detalhe.

Oil & Gas. Energy. Environment. Infrastructures. Mining and Metallurgy. Sea.

Solutions for sustained growth. Portugal and worldwide.



2000 – Founded in Sintra, Portugal

2002 – NATO Security Certification

2003 – Quality Certification ISO 9001:2000

2005 – First International Project – ENACOL

2007 – International Certification of Integrated Management System – EQS

2008 – Holding Constitution – CRASHBIT

2008 – Constitution of Projecto.Detalhe Angola

2010 – Member of the Business Forum for the Economy of the Sea

2010 – Constitution of Projecto.Detalhe Mozambique

2010 – Acquisition of Falconer – Renewable Energies

2011 – Constitution of Projecto.Detalhe Brazil

2011 – Constitution of Projecto.Detalhe Cape Verde

2013 – Constitution of Projecto.Detalhe Central Africa

2013 – Constitution of Projecto.Detalhe Macau

2013 – Winner of “Best Engineering Office” in Construir Awards

Vision, Mission and Values


Become a recognized engineering company of reference in Portugal and worldwide, adding value to the stakeholders.


Study, evaluate and produce projects of Architecture, Engineering and Construction Management with state-of-the-art tools, ensuring customer satisfaction, motivation of employees and investment returns for shareholders while maintaining fidelity to our values and principles.


  • Customer Orientation
  • Sustainability
  • Ethical Behavior
  • Social and Environmental Responsibility
  • Equal Opportunities
  • Cooperation
  • Loyalty


Design and development of Multidisciplinary Engineering and Architecture Services.

Management, Technical and Economic Evaluation of Projects.

Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC) of Industrial Projects.


Certficate A/0263/2013 NP EN ISO 14001:2012


Certificate E/2734/2013 NP EN ISO 9001:2008


Certificate S/0204/2013 OHSAS 18001:2007 / NP 4397:2008


Status assigned by IAPMEI together with the Partner Banks, based on rating quotations and economic and financial criteria.


Nº 60448 issued by the INCI (Institute of Construction and Real Estate), according to Decree-Law No. 12/2004 from January, the 9th.

Group Organization

Group Organization

Organizational Chart


International Presence

International Presence

AngolaBrasilMacauMoçambiqueCabo Verde Portugal
Social Responsability

Social Responsability

In our opinion, in the world of business, corporate success does not depend entirely on maximizing revenue, but also on the development of strategies to promote environmental and social aspects, taking into account the interests of employees and the community.

As part of Corporate Social Responsibility, Projecto.Detalhe is focused on Education and on the development of knowledge.


Project “Innovation in Engineering”

Projecto.Detalhe launched in 2011 the program “Innovation in Engineering”, a summer holidays program that aims to help young people develop skills, solve problems and think like engineers.

This initiative is aimed at young people of secondary and higher education, which are integrated into distinct groups in the company. They are integrated in a (real)project, in order to study solutions, together with engineers from different areas such as electrical, mechanical,chemical and instrumentation.

The program is developed at Projecto.Detalhe, in Sintra, and includes visits to projects sites managed by the company.

Projecto.Detalhe believes that this project can also help identify young talents and encourage their future in engineering.

Challenge “Studying takes you further”

Aware of the importance of education and promoting awareness amongst young people, the Challenge is to reward the best student of Mathematics and Physics (year eleven – Secondary Education) at EscolaSecundária Santa Maria, Sintra. It’s a partnership between this school and Projecto.Detalhe.

The Challenge offers best students the opportunity to go on a trip related to Mathematics and Physics and is sponsored by Projecto.Detalhe.

In the first edition of the challenge, the best student of Physics traveled to Geneva, Switzerland to visit CERN – European Organization for Nuclear Research, and the best Maths student won a trip to Paris, France, to visit the Institute Henri Poincaré.


Projecto.Detalhe organizes conferences and events to promote informed debate and the formation of public opinion on issues of national impact.

World Day Sea Day Conference

As one of its activity areas is the Sea Cluster, Projecto.Detalhe hascollaboratedwith EscolaNáuticaInfante D. Henrique inthe organisation of the World Day of the Sea Conference, in 2011 and 2013. Both conferences were attended by the Portuguese Secretary of State of the Sea, Manuel Pinto de Abreu.

Entendemos que na esfera empresarial, o sucesso das empresas não depende única e exclusivamente da maximização de resultados para obtenção de lucro, mas também do desenvolvimento de estratégias de promoção ambiental e social, tendo em consideração os interesses de colaboradores e da comunidade.

No âmbito da Responsabilidade Social Empresarial, a Projecto.Detalhe destaca a promoção da Educação e do Conhecimento.

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Projecto.Detalhe recognizes Environment, Quality, Health and Safety, and Social Responsibility as fundamental aspects in its activity, and aims to satisfy the requirements and expectations of its customers, suppliers, employees and society in general. The company is guided by the following values: Client Focus, Ethical and Environmental Behavior, Respect for Minorities, Cooperation, Loyalty and Security.

Therefore, Projecto.Detalhe is committed to:

  • Meet customers’ needs and expectations by providing themwith quality architectural, engineering and management servicesthus ensuring their trust and loyalty;
  • Provide the company with human and material resources in order to ensure compliance with environmental laws and pollution prevention;
  • Ensure adequate conditions to comply with QHENSH legal requirements of – and other voluntary measures – and in order to prevent accidents/incidents and to promote a healthy working environment;
  • Meeting all requirements related to the effective management of the Environment, Quality, Health and Safety and Social Responsibility System, promoting a its continuous improvement;
  • Ensure the compliance with national laws and international instruments and conventions of international labour organizations;
  • Protect the health and safety of employees and of all persons potentially affected by the company’s activities;
  • Promote personal and professional development of all its employees, encouraging individual initiative, innovation, productivity improvement and commitment to the achievement of objectives;
  • Apply the best practices and establish strategies for continuous risk and threat prevention, in order to ensurethe safety of employees and third parties and to protect the working environment both in ours and our customer’s premises;
  • Encourage suppliers and contractors to develop quality products and services, in order to meet the quality standards and requirements that customers expect from Projecto.Detalhe.

Projecto.Detalhe is committed to implement these policies at all organizational levels, with an increasing focus on the involvement of all employees.

Approved on 12/03/2013, in Integrated Management System Manual.